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Gavetips! Kool Kidz er en norsk barnebutikk som tilbyr rocka og retro klær, leker, instrumener og gaver til barn for alle anledninger. Perfekt for en babyshower, bursdag, dåp eller julegave!

Drumstick Pencils

Kool Kidz har kule accessories for barn

Kool Kidz har kule solbriller, rocka smekker, kule capser for barn.

Drumstick Pencils


Drumstick Pencils


Pair of drumsticks that are also cool pens
A pair of drumsticks handily combined with ballpoint pens, for persistent amateur tappers and professional drummers. Know someone who thinks they're the next Phil Collins? Or just a fidgety pen tapper? This is the perfect gift, your drumming pal can practice keeping a beat and in one swift rotation look busy at work! Quieter than a full size drum kit, cheaper, and kinder on the neighbours.

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